Please find below details on the ladies competitions held throughout the year.

General LADIES COMPETITION information

Ladies Summer Knockout Competitions

The draws for the two summer knockout competitions are displayed on the ladies noticeboard, with the dates that each round should be played by.
·      Top Name is Challenger (either player/s can make initial contact)
·      Alert the opponent as soon as draw allows
·      At least 3 dates to be offered, 1 of which must be a weekend and 1 must be a weekday.  The 3 dates should not be within a 7 day period.
·     No time extensions permitted - in the event that both teams cannot agree a mutually suitable date, or an exigency prevents a pre-arranged tie being played in time (eg the Course is closed), the winner will be determined by a coin toss undertaken by a Ladies Committee Member in the presence of a witness. The exception to this will be the final round where an
will be considered..
·     Walkovers permitted but not encouraged.
·     WHS Handicap Index to be capped at 36.0

Lochrie Quaich:

Knockout match play singles – full handicap allowance, please use your WHS course handicap.
If knocked out in the first round, you will be automatically entered into the Summer Plate Competition.
If you do not wish to enter the Plate competition, please let the Match Secretary know, [email protected]


Jill’s Jug:
Knockout match play foursomes competition

Team WHS Handicap Calculation
•          Add you and your partner’s index together
•          Then take 50% of this figure
•          Do not round at this point, instead multiply by 127 and divide by 113 OR look up in the laminated tables in the starter hut.
•          This is your team’s course handicap
•          Compare with your opposing team and the difference between the two handicaps will give the number of strokes to be received or given.
Team A:    Anne - Index 21.5 and Betty - Index 14.6                                                                                                         
Add:         21.5 + 14.6 = 36.1
Multiply:   36.1*50% = 18.05

Formula:   18.05*127/113 = 20.286 (or look index 18.05 up in h’cap tables)
Round:      20
Team A: Course H’cap 20
Team B: Course H’cap 23   Team A gives Team B, 3 strokes.

The Twenty Twenty Trophy - Round Robin Matchplay

(WHI) Handicap Index to be capped at 36.0  

·      Please play the other 3 ladies in your group, before Sunday 10 July.
·      Matches are to be played over 10 holes (including knockout stages)
·      Please use your WHS Course Handicap, for strokes and use the 18 hole Card Stroke Index
·      3 points to the winner, 0 points to the loser, 1 point each if all square after 10.
·      In the event of a tie for first position within the group, the winner of the match between the two players shall go through.
·      The draw for the knockout stages shall be made after 10 July

NOVICES  TROPHY - 36+ at time of entry
Played over 10 holes.

Open to new members (joined within last 2 years) who have never held a handicap (HCI - handicap index) of 36 or below - or who have no handicap.  

Matches are played off scratch - no strokes given or received.

A round robin match play competition in 3 sections (depending on numbers).
3 points to the winner, 0 points to the loser, 1 point each if all square after 10.

Winners of each section play off for the trophy.