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Subscription Rates

Join now to take advantage of our pro rata subscription rates. Complete the enquiry form or contact [email protected] for further information.

Get the full benefits and enjoy one of the best courses in Scotland!

Adult golfing memberships can be paid in full, or in 9 installments (January – September).

Junior and social memberships must be paid in full.

SubscriptionGolf LevyBar CreditTotal
Ordinary – Full£1135£17£50£1202
K Light£695£17£25£737
Ordinary – Aged 18-21£380£17£25£422
Ordinary – Aged 22-25£565£17£25£607
Ordinary – Aged 26-30£755£17£25£797
Ladies Academytbctbc
Juniors Over 14£135£135
Juniors Under 14£135£135
Juniors Under 14 Child of Member£115£115
Student – Aged 18-21£230£17£25£272
Student – Aged 22-25£350£17£25£392
Student – Aged 26-30£465£17£25£507
Student – Aged over 30£565£17£25£607
Trolley Shed Berth Rental£45
Locker Rental£25
Hand Locker Rental£10

*2024 Social Membership Now £40 

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