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Indoor Golf Studio

This is a great additional way to practice to our fantastic course and driving range.

  • Exclusive to club members, the bays are priced at £10 per hour, maximum 4 players per bay
  • Superb practice option for the winter months
  • Over 25 courses available to choose from, as well as driving range, skills and fairground games
  • Available for use for lessons and club fitting with Professionals, providing precision analysis of technique

Golf requires consistent practice to hone your skills. Our high-quality golf studio not only offers a welcome escape from damp mornings and dark evenings, but also provides the opportunity to enhance your game in terms of ability, consistency, and skill.

Build Muscle Memory
Golf necessitates learning complex muscle movements in sequence for optimal performance. The simulator, helps you practice the perfect swing repeatedly, enhancing the likelihood of ingraining it into muscle memory and helping your body remember how to swing optimally when you’re out on the course.

Choose the Right Clubs
Simulators are an excellent tool for getting fitted for clubs. Our Professional Team will help you determine whether you can enhance your score with new clubs, or if you already have the best set for you.

Social Time
Playing in the studio allows you to spend quality time with friends and catch up over a round of golf. Don’t want to miss the match? We’ve got SkyTV, so relax with some drinks and food.